Albion Online teases its upcoming randomized PvE dungeons throughout the game world

You couldn't have seen this coming, huh?

The next update for Albion Online is offering new paths to treasure just spawning in the world, although you’re going to have to fight through some enemies to get that treasure. Yes, there are new randomized dungeons coming to the game with the Oberon update, starting with the hidden entrances scattered throughout the game world. These entrances are random, but a full group should reliably be able to find one to enter, which generates a random dungeon and starts the clock before that entrance and dungeon fades away.

The result is that players will have a countdown to contend with as they fight through the dungeon, taking on new configurations of enemies to plunder everything within its depths. For the moment, the dungeons are only for five-person groups and using familiar enemy groups, but both of these things are intended for expansion in the future. Check out the full preview for more details on the new feature arriving as part of the Oberon update.

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They REALLY need to include a solo option for this. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Albion centers more around groups, but there’s already plenty of group pve content and dungeons in the open world. Solo players tend to stick to down and run the instanced dungeons there, so I feel the focus should really be more on getting more solo players out in the open world too, as this only helps the pvp and group aspects as it will allow pugs to form and allow for more pvp conflict to arise as well.