Albion Online focuses on balance with the latest Nimue Patch


Albion Online’s newest patch is all about finding the butter zone for maximum PvP satisfaction, which is probably one of the hardest types of butter to churn. The Nimue Balance Patch is bringing some key improvements to the sandbox MMORPG to make whacking away at your enemies a little more fair. Maybe.

Highlights of this particular patch include a 20% increase to HP pools across the board in order to counter one-shot builds. Energy pools are also being raised by 20% to run parallel with the new hit point totals, and movement speed in general is being increased which should make everything from travel to combat feel better. There’s also several ability reworks in order to introduce some variety into the MMO’s build meta.

Also of note is the introduction of Easy Anti-Cheat software with this patch, which hopes to cut down on some of the more “egregious” forms of cheating behavior. A brief FAQ about this addition has been shared in the official forums.

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That header image is not flattering


Yes looks sort of like runescape 5 years ago. On the core gameplay part they seem to be improving in a far better rate than in the past so I started to re-watch it