Dungeon Fighter Online posts its first major update of 2019


Color me surprised that this one suddenly blipped on the radar. Dungeon Fighter Online has kicked out a pretty sizeable update: the first act of season five titled Harlem: Shadows of Kashipa, which brings a fair bit of new stuff for people to punch and slash at.

Said new stuff arrives in the titular location of Harlem, bringing a number of new dungeons to fight online in and a level cap raise from 90 to 95. The Pandemonium Junction of the Metro Center area is also getting a new legendary dungeon, and there are improvements to a variety of other aspects of the game and tweaks to existing classes.

Extremely detailed information — including lore, for those interested — can be found in the breakdown at the source link, or you can just get the extremely flashy Cliff’s Notes version in the video embed below.

source: official site, thanks to Colton for the tip!
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