Camelot Unchained is tackling the performance ‘death spiral’ traditionally afflicting MMO PvP


This past week was reportedly another busy one for the devs of Camelot Unchained, with lots of work being done to further tweak a number of game systems and lots of pizzas to consume. Mmm… pizza.

The week’s work included various improvements to the game’s ability system, new VFX work and light armor development which will soon lead to testing mages, a bit of tech work related to building-placed objects, and continued work on levels of detail and other visual elements for “Characters 2.0.” Camelot Unchained’s devs are also continuing to tweak server performance in light of their recent record-breaking bot milestone, which saw over 5,000 characters in action on one battlefield. Of course, that doesn’t mean those tests are flawless performance-wise. Breaking the game by putting in five- to ten-times as many players and bots as expected is the whole point, after all.

“[Gameplay Engineer] Rob [Argue] spent some time to address server performance,” City State’s Tyler Rockwell wrote. “We were able to get 5000+ ARCs, players, and bots on the battlefield at the same time during our test before it went into a death spiral. That is an increase of 2000 in just a month. The overall performance of each of our systems is very important to support our end goal of epic siege battles!”

There’s also a video wrap-up and Q&A session, which we’ve embedded below.

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