World of Warcraft will open Crucible of Storms on April 16 while fans gather old friends for WoW Classic

Stormy weather.

Is your life an empty morass without a new World of Warcraft raid to keep you entertained? If so, maybe you should consider doing something about that. It doesn’t sound like a really healthy way to live. But you can also rest assured that you’ll have your day in the sun again when the Crucible of Storms opens up on April 16th, with Raid Finder and Mythic opening up a week later on April 23rd. It should at least tide you over.

We’re not sorry for the pun.

Meanwhile, if you’re completely unconcerned with the current game and just want to go back to the classic version, you may be wondering if you can really go back again. So have some good news on that front in the form of a fan-run site looking to reconnect people who used to know one another back in the day. It’s not a certain thing, of course, but if you always wondered what your old raiding buddies got up to when you lost touch, it’s not a bad way to find out. You may recall that last week, players were assured that the classic version is still planned for a launch this summer.


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Danny Smith

I took a look and while i still love the artwork i just found myself thinking “i’m not going to have any fun playing this am i?” and finally after all these years uninstalled WoW and while i was at it uninstalled battlenet too since theres just nothing there for me anymore. I kind of wish i was invested enough to make some grand ragequit of it all but i literally was thinking “i could really use that hard drive space” and that being my opinion of BfA is kind of worse than outrage in a way i think.


The reconnect feature is pretty cool, but I found issues with it. I know its coming up online, but I put in the name of 2 servers I was on. They came back with 30-40 people on each. I didn’t recognize a single guild name from Vanilla. I can still name the top 8-10 guilds on each server. I hope it gets more wide spread. Its an awesome tool if it blows up.


Yes, it’s an interesting idea. I’ll have to check it out on PC when I get home. It is not optimized for mobile, at all.