LOTRO assembles a panel of experts to have a deep lore chat


There is nothing if not a whole lot of lore in Lord of the Rings. Tolkien’s Middle-earth is positively brimming with it, after all, and the Lord of the Rings Online team immersed itself deep into the history, geography, and backstory of this world when building the MMO.

As a special treat for players and Lord of the Rings fans alike, Standing Stone Games assembled a star-studded panel of lore experts that include Signum University’s Cory “The Tolkien Professor” Olsen, author and LOTRO world designer Chris Pierson, and Wheaton College professor and game consultant Mike Drout to get deep into the lore of the MMO. It’s about an hour-and-a-half, but if you live for this sort of thing, the time will just fly by.

LOTRO is currently preparing a coupon code that will hand all players a collection of goodies as compensation for the multi-day downtime that the game suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Source: Twitter

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Melissa McDonald

I wish they’d consolidate down to one server. The world would seem busy and alive again. When there’s only a dozen people in Bree, it feels kind of empty.

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I watched this live last Thursday when they had the chat together. It was very interesting and I could easily have listened to more from them. Hopefully they’ll repeat it sometime, but in the meantime I can definitely recommend people go and watch the VOD of it.