Conan Exiles finally pushes Black Yeti boss and Purge tweaks to PS4


Just when you thought that maybe Funcom forgot that it created Conan Exiles on the PlayStation 4, it dumps everything into one giant patch. The update includes balance passes to NPCs and crafting cost, Purges fixes and new Purge types, and many quality-of-life changes. Of course, PS4 players can now take part in the new content, elite mobs, and world bosses.

Roleplaying options have been add that give you the ability to create a character bio, in-world notes, and shape in-game dice with bones. The types of Purges have increased to include raids from Vanir hunters, bandits, Jhebbal Sag disciples, snakes, yetis, alchemists, crocodiles, and rocknoses to name a few. The Black Yeti, which can be found southeast of the volcano and the mountains north-northeast of the Mounds of the Dead, dropped with this patch. It can be killed to gain a key just like other world bosses. And lastly, the Unnamed City now contains new content, including eight new named bosses, mini-bosses, and legendary weapons and armor.

Of course, all of this, including the new terrain optimization for the building, has been live on PC for some time. If you’d like to take a gander at it before jumping in live on your PS4, our resident survivalist MJ hoped onto a PC livesteam last Friday to check some of them out.

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