Sea of Thieves will begin telling some Tall Tales – Shores of Gold on April 30


Things appear to be getting more narrative focused in the Sea of Thieves world. Tuesday, April 30th, will see the launch of Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, a new adventure that appears to have a distinctly cinematic spin.

The update promises to lead players on “a series of interconnected tales of wonder and discovery, exploring the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves.” The narrative focuses on the finding of a new island that had been previously assumed to be merely a legend.

Along the way, players can expect to run in to run into deadly booby traps as they seek treasure, meet NPCs including some that come from the Athena’s Fortune Sea of Thieves novel, and cross paths with Skeleton Lords, a powerful new brand of skeletal enemy that can only be experienced by following the Shores of Gold story.

Those are all the details we’re getting for now, but there’s a teaser website for the update and a new trailer below.

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