Shroud of the Avatar’s upcoming patch will let you be the mother of dragons


OK, we’ll just admit outright that the above headline is a little misleading. But since everyone and their uncle is making Games of Throne references these days, we felt left out! And besides, Shroud of the Avatar is adding more young dragons to the game with this week’s Release 65, and one can always dream about taming them so that they can ravage one’s enemies with cleansing fire.

The upcoming patch adds more decoration placement tools and Lord British cupcakes (seriously), but it seems as though the main focus is making mob spawns behave as they should. The team also kicked off a decorating contest and gave players a tease of what’s to come: “The second quarter is going to be just as amazing as Q1! We will have Crafting Specializations (choose your effect!), the ability to flag your Row Lots as empty (crops!), the return of the Atavists of Purity (seasonal boss/creature), Episode 2 areas, Raid groups (groups of groups) and more quality-of-life improvements.”

Need more? We’ve got the 2.5-hour developer livestream of this release after the break. The best part is watching Richard Garriott putter around his workshop doing stuff.


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I had been actually logged in SotA right now and was working on my house(Stone Kep village sized home with corner turret). I always loved dragons and this reminds me a bit of dragon taming on UO, however I havent bothered with taming yet as I was working on different skills.

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Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t like Game of Thrones and get annoyed by any reference to it /sigh


You aren’t alone in that. I dont like it other to be honest


Pffft i didn’t even get that it was a GOT reference.

Can’t say i dislike the show, saw the first two episodes and didn’t like them enough to ever bother watching another episode again.


skip the first 2 seasons, those are not that good.
I watched those because there was a skyrim and hobbit craze back then.
Fortunately the medieval fantasy genre is cooling down since.