Crowfall talks about improvements to alchemy and lighting

Look over there!

Lighting, like ambient sound, is one of those things that you tend to notice most in MMOs when there’s something wrong with it. You might think that it’s a simple thing for the design team behind Crowfall to put together, but as the latest development diary explains, it posed a unique challenge for the game simply because everything in the game world is dynamic. That meant that usual lighting solutions such as baking proper lighting into the environment wasn’t an option; instead, a dynamic solution across the game was necessary to ensure that the game looked as good as possible.

That’s all technical stuff, though, not game mechanics. If you want to learn about that you should check out the update all about alchemy just below, showing off some new components and mixtures available only with the right runes and resources. It’s a deep dive into making powerful concoctions… or, theoretically, just a really great energy drink. Seriously, the best.

Source: Official Site, YouTube
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