Dungeons and Dragons Online delays its Sharn expansion to mid-May


Disappointing news for players looking forward to playing Dungeons and Dragons Online’s newest expansion next week: It’s not going to happen. Next week, that is; the expansion is still on the way, but Standing Stone Games has decided to delay it for a couple of weeks.

The new launch date is May 14th: “We’re writing to update you on our release date for the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. In recent days, as we’ve neared our original April 30th date, we’ve been looking at several things we want to do yet, based in part on your feedback from Lamannia, and so we have decided to take a bit more time for final bug fixing and polish work.”

You might recall that Daybreak and SSG’s expansion M.O. over the last few years is to tuck a release date into its expansion pre-order page with a caveat of a month of wiggle-room in case the studio wanted to delay it for whatever reason. So it could be worse, is what we’re saying — just hope it doesn’t get delayed again to May 31st.

Source: Official forums. Thanks DDOCentral!
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There’s so much great content in DDO already I’m glad they are taking time to polish it before releasing.


Agreed, I am still getting through White Plume and other Tales on a second character.


Overall I like SSG(even though their financial model can be better) but they seem to have delays and sudden downtimes often. My twitters news about LOTRO servers that had to get down because some event(s) wouldnt work was going a bit crazy these days as well, but bottom line both their games are great


I don’t mind terribly much. Historically its been better anyways to give DDO updates a day or two for the critical hotfixes to roll out anyhow; I’d as soon give them more lead time than gamble on the possibility of an account-borking bug slipping through.