Monster Hunter: World’s Spring Blossom Festival is in full bloom today


Spring has sprung in the untamed lands of Monster Hunter: World, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time once again for the annual Spring Blossom Festival, which has arrived at the Celestial Pursuit, bringing with it festive floral decorations, seasonal sales, new springtime fashions, and of course the event quest extravaganza.

For the duration of the event, which begins today and runs until May 16th, hunters can head to the Celestial Pursuit gathering hub to bask in the spring blossoms and embark on a variety of limited-time event quests. In addition to the exclusive Spring Blossom Fest quests, almost all previously released event quests will be available, making now the perfect time for players to stock up on materials for any event-specific equipment they may have missed out on.

On top of that, limited bounties will be rotating daily rather than weekly while the event is running, and players can complete bounties and event quests to acquire unique materials that they can use to craft a variety of exclusive Spring Blossom Fest gear. Even the Handler and everyone’s favorite cuddly costumed pig, Poogie, are getting in on the celebrations with brand-new seasonal outfits.

The event also boosts the daily login rewards, so players will receive not one but two Lucky Vouchers in addition to “a little bonus surprise” just for showing up. And if you’ve been hoping to restock your supply chest without burning through all of your zenny, keep an eye out for sales at all of Astera’s facilities, which will be happening periodically throughout the festival. The seasonal gear sets, Handler outfit, and Poogie costume are only available until the event ends on May 16th (at least until the next festival), so get hunting, hunters.


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Guess I should dust my copy off again and try to remember to log in daily. I’m really not a fan though of when games push for daily login rewards since it becomes almost a daily chore to spend 3-10 mins hopping in just to grab things and then hop off if I don’t feel like actually playing it that day.

I am glad though that they’re doing these events fairly regularly because of all the time-limited stuff that gets brought back (the collab events in particular). Especially now that they’ve been doing more of the layered armor versions of gear like the sealed eyepatch and Dante’s clothes.

…Though I still need to go kill two Tempered Beetlegooses to raise my HR past 29.