Red Dead Online opens the gates to Open Target Races for Xbox One players

I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road until I get a poncho.

When Rockstar introduced the new Target Racing activity to Red Dead Online last month, PlayStation 4 players were given exclusive early access to the Open Target Race variant mode, but their month-long monopoly ends today as Open Target Races arrive on the Xbox One.

Open Target Races follow the same premise as the standard Target Races: Players on horseback race through a course, using their trusty bows and arrows to take out targets scattered throughout, all the while collecting weapon pick-ups to make their jobs a little easier (or their opponents’ jobs a bit harder, as the case may be). The only difference is that in the variant, the targets are peppered across an open space, and players are free to roam and take out the targets in any order they please.

In addition getting access to Open Target Races, Xbox players can now get their hands on a variety of new gear and clothing — including the Jawbone Knife, the Hartman Jacket, and the dubiously tasteful “snake adorned” Diamondback Hat — as well as three new emotes. And to encourage players to log in and get wild in the west, all A Land of Opportunities missions, Free Roam missions and events, and Showdown modes will reward players on both consoles with 30% more RDO$ until May 6th.

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