Anthem intentionally removes special loot chests and accidentally removes boss loot drops

Oh no, Anthem, why... why are you like this?


At this point, the clownshoes are designer label; the most recent update to Anthem removed a special loot chest with unique cosmetics as was originally intended, while it also appears to have removed the loot table completely from one of the shooter’s endgame bosses.

The 1.1.1 patch to Anthem included a number of bug fixes and removed Elysian Caches, a unique loot chest that would appear at the end of the game’s Stronghold instances. These chests were full of cosmetic items like decals and textures for parts of your Javelin robosuit, which didn’t make them hot ticket items, but also provided something different. In fairness, these Caches were always meant to be temporary — a fact that was alluded to in its original announcement — but the devs still saw fit to remove things from a game that arguably is already anemic in terms of things to work towards.

This very same patch also has the distinction of removing the loot from the game’s Heart of Rage endgame instance. A report from the game’s subreddit reveals that the Titan fight in the Heart of Rage offers no loot to speak of — a pretty damning event considering the Heart of Rage appears to be the only endgame activity. A number of official responses in the Anthem subreddit have been posted, confirming that this is not intentional and that the team is looking into it.

sources: Kotaku, official site, Anthem subreddit, cheers, kelly!
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