EA sees quarterly and yearly revenue dropoffs, plans to port Apex Legends to mobile

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Activision-Blizzard wasn’t the only company to see a weak start to 2019: EA also saw a drop off in revenue for Q1 2019, with its yearly revenues dropping 4% YOY and its quarterly revenues dropping 22% since this same quarter last year. That’s in spite of the successful stealth-launch of Apex and the less-critically-acclaimed launch of Anthem earlier this year.

CEO Andrew Wilson characterized the fiscal year as a moment of “strong growth” and anticipates that the next fiscal year will also be “a year of continued growth for our industry.”

During its conference call, EA announced that it would be porting Apex Legends to mobile as well as to China – both clear aims to compete with Fortnite. Apparently, Apex is the company’s fastest-growing game ever and tapped into a large market of players who weren’t previously on Origin.

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