ReWorld Online shares screenshots of new biome types


The folks at ReWorld Online have offered up yet another series of biome shots from the MMORPG’s development like it usually does every week, though these screens provide a few new locations for players to explore or create their own worlds in: Namely a pixie forest and underwater locations.

The location shots shared on Twitter include a sunny beachside area for those pirate-minded adventures, an underwater biome for a possible underwater dungeon, and a pixie forest featuring a variety of rick pink and purple hues.

That same tweet explained that the devs have been hard at work on some behind-the-scenes necessities for ReWorld Online, with work on a new website and setup of an affiliate sellers program. A timetable for when this new website will go live was not announced, but you can consider the new biome shots below.

source: Twitter
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IronSalamander8 .

Don’t know much about this one yet. Create your own world and share it if you like and set your own rules? Sounds interesting for sure.