Fortnite and Nike’s Jumpman brand team up for a new LTM


I never would have thought to stir Fortnite and a brand of footwear together, but then again I also never would have thought to mix Fortnite and Marvel supervillain Thanos and that totally happened. So here we are, living in a world where an online shooter and the Jumpman brand are combined to create a new limited-time mode.

The Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan has players launching off of big jumps and grinding down city streets in a bid to collect the most coins and win the game. The mode features levels built by Fortnite Island creators Notnellaf and Tollmolia. There’s also a variety of expected fashionable cosmetics associated with this LTM, including the Hang Time Bundle for purchase or a skateboard Back Bling for free, each of which has a number of style variants that can be unlocked by completing challenges.


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