Closers cranks up the crazy and colorful with the arrival of the Bear Land instance


So evidently there was a new content patch in Closers yesterday and it is… unique, we’ll say. Actually, let’s just rip the bandage off; you basically are going to dart around a carnival funhouse beating up various giant killer teddy bear things. It’s Bear Land, and it most assuredly is a thing.

Access to this offbeat instance can be gained by talking with an NPC and accessing the sector from the Planar Gate. Players must be max level and have completed all of the previous PNA quest lines, and entry to Bear Land is limited to one time a day, which is probably a good thing for sanity’s sake. As for why you’d want to enter Bear Land other than the aforementioned opportunity to beat up giant killer teddy bears, you can also earn various new craftables including PNA-related items, visual frames, and housing furniture.

The update has also added some new premium costumes, a couple of Bear Land-related login and play time events, and an expansion to the PNA system. Patch notes are here; bear-related absurdity is in the video below.


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