Blade & Soul Korea teases a new archer class arriving in June


As much fun as magical gun-fu can be with the Blade & Soul Gunslinger, sometimes you want to go back to basics. Back to a simpler time when a bendy stick and some string could fling pointier sticks into foes. If martial arts and archery are your bag, then a teaser image out of Blade & Soul Korea should wet your appetite.

The only thing we have right now is some keyart and a date for the new class’ arrival of Wednesday, June 12th. That’s about it; no information on what races can be this archery-focused class, no window for its Western release, and no direct name of the class itself. I’m willing to rule out “Arrowtosser” or “Stick Shootist” as possible class names. Guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.


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…how about Lyn Flinger? o.O