Coherence is a new game platform promising studios ‘multiplayer in minutes’


It’s sort of been a longstanding truism, especially for MMOs, that you can’t build a game worth playing in a short length of time. Heck, an MMO studio that comes to Kickstarter asking for a modest sum and modest launch predictions is usually laughed off the stage. It can’t be done – people are sure of it.

Enter Coherence to challenge those tropes. Led by co-founders from Unity and Playdead, Coherence is a newly announced platform intended to help fledgling game dev studios ramp up in a hurry. “Multiplayer in minutes,” the website promises, and the company is talking about everything from a 4-player indie title to an “infinitely scalable multiplayer” game.

“Coherence aims to level the playing field for multiplayer game development. We are creating an open, accessible and democratized process for making and playing connected games. […] Whether it’s an indie game or a million player-strong epic saga – making multiplayer games has never been easy. We are here to change that. Coherence plugs into your favorite game engine, allowing you to have a working demo up in a matter of minutes.”

It seems as if comparisons to SpatialOS are likely here, though maybe the starkest difference is that it sounds as if Coherence will be giving super-small-scale indies a free ride. Launch is expected in 2020.


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I won’t buy yet another multiplayer game. However I’ll buy a game with good characters and animations (and a decent gameplay), even bad user reviews won’t stop me (otherwise I’d miss masterpieces like Monster Hunter: World, Mortal Kombat 11, Anthem).

What I really want to see available is a game development kit for medium and small companies containing actually nice characters and animations – on par with Anthem and BDO. Although cost of creation of such kit is going to be very high. But perhaps Epic might consider creating it since they are throwing their Fortnite fortunes away for silly causes anyway (like harming Steam). Otherwise small studios will continue to release games with smartwatch-optimized character models (like Dauntless or Albion).

Jon Wax

Check out PS4 dreams

It’s no mmo but it’s about as close to perfect as the scene is gonna get with current machines