Echoes of Hiram update arrives to ArcheAge at the end of June


ArcheAge players got to the Relics of Hiram in November, learned the Story of Hiram in March, and now will hear the Echoes of Hiram at the end of this month. But mostly it’s about getting new stuff.

The next content update for ArcheAge’s Hiram-focused series of things to do now has an end of June release window, and it’s promising new power to players at the current top end. This update will introduce Glorious Hiram Guardian equipment, as well as new beasts to fight in the eastern Hiram Mountains and daily quests to get more items for awakening your Radiant Hiram gear. Players can also look forward to a raised Ancestral level cap, new Abyssal Library armor sets, new awakened Erenor gear, and new pet collection achievements.

In addition to the new Hiram stuff to look forward to in-game, ArcheAge is running a special for its game store, including Serendipity Stones and discounts on several bundles of items from now until June 28th.

source: official site (1, 2)
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