ArcheAge’s Relics of Hiram update is finally launching, three weeks late, under Gamigo’s banner

Two times!
It’s bittersweet now, we suppose, but the 5.0 Relics of Hiram update is officially going live for ArcheAge players in the west today, with server up slated for 4 p.m. EST this afternoon. The highlights are the new zone and new skillset:

“ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram introduces players to the all-new Western Hiram Mountains zone, where they will face and conquer challenges, attain new gear, and increase their Ancestral level! Additionally, the new expansion will introduce the 11th skillset to the fold: Malediction! Adding a whopping 45 new class combinations to the mix, Malediction enables players to master powerful dark magic to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses while empowering themselves. […] The expansion brings even more features and improvements for ArcheAge, including an increase to the Ancestral level cap, enhanced house customizations, new achievements, and more.”

MMO vets will recall that Relics of Hiram was originally intended to launch on October 24th, but on October 22nd, Trion representatives revealed that all of its assets, including its publishing duties for western ArcheAge, had been sold to Gamigo, with nearly all of its employees let go. In the ensuing weeks, Gamigo has committed to “new content on a regular basis” for all of the titles it took over from Trion, including and perhaps especially ArcheAge, whose Korean creator, XL Games, has also vowed to “revitalize” and “restore” and “stabilize” the game in its new home.

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