Champions Online announces new ‘serialized story’ content


Back in early June, a certain nameless MOP author wrote a column that speculated on why Champions Online didn’t do better — and what Cryptic could do to reverse the game’s languishing fortunes. “A small population or no, Champions is best served by having Cryptic inject some genuinely new content into it,” the handsome and intelligent writer stated.

Perhaps someone at Cryptic Studios was listening, because today the studio announced that, indeed, Champions Online is about to get some brand-new content in the form of “serialized stories.” The initial foray into this format will come with “Death Rattle,” the first of four chapters that will deliver a complete story about an investigation into the Cobra Lords on behalf of Ladyhawke. This update is coming up soon, and Cryptic promises that a lot more will follow.

“Death Rattle is just the beginning. After these four episodes release, we’ll move to the next four-episode arc, and the next, until the mystery is laid bare and all is revealed. There will be investigations, betrayals, twists and turns, and more for you to discover,” the studio said.

What say you, Champions players? Is this a new hope for the game?

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