Lord of the Rings Online brings back a limited-time vendor after community uproar


If you’ve been collecting the Figments of Splendor currency in Lord of the Rings Online in hopes of trading them in for some shiny during the Summer Festival event, you were likely among those shocked to find one NPC who traded in this currency suddenly gone. Apparently, there was some miscommunication between the devs and players of this vendor’s time in-game, but they’re back and offering their wares once more after the playerbase raised an outcry over the matter.

The NPC in question, the Curator, was apparently never meant to be a permanent fixture in the game like most players assumed, and was always due to leave LOTRO. What’s important to note here is that the Figments currency is capped at 10,000 total for all players, and most items cost anywhere between 4,000 to 8,000 Figments, which means a lot of players felt cheated out of getting their goodies.

For their part, the devs of LOTRO have admitted that things were apparently not messaged correctly and then later announced that the Curator would be staying for the remainder of the Summer Festival until Wednesday, July 10th. After that, the Curator will begin returning on a periodic, unfixed schedule. Those who are hungry for the Curator’s wares are advised to keep their eyes on LOTRO’s game and social medial channels for alerts on when they’ll be coming back.

source: official forums (1, 2), thanks to Tanek for the tip!