Hi-Rez Studios announces the launch of UK-based Red Beard Games


It looks like Hi-Rez Studios is making sure the plural in its name is relevant. The company announced the launch of Red Beard Games yesterday, which is an all-new studio based in Brighton, UK. The new studio is part of Hi Rez’s efforts to expand its UK presence, which first started with the opening of a UK office back in 2016.

As the studio apparently just turned its lights on, we’re not being given a whole lot on what to expect out of the developers. That said, the idea is that Red Beard Games will be “a little indie studio with the production capacity and features you would expect from a major developer and publisher” according to Hi-Rez CEO Stew Chisam.

“The details of the new studios project will soon be revealed but fans can expect that our commitment to community collaboration and innovation are as strong as ever.”

Not only did the lights just turn on, but the seats are looking to be filled with devs. If you happen to be reading this from the UK area and are looking to get in on the ground floor, you’re welcome to keep eyes on the Hi-Rez Careers page if you’re so inclined. The Hi-Rez folks will also be at Develop Brighton this Wednesday, July 10th, and Thursday, July 11th, seeking suitable candidates.

MMO and MOBA players will recall that in 2018, Hi-Rez split off multiple studios for its different titles and projects: Titan Forge Games for SMITE, Evil Mojo Games for Paladins, Heroic Leap Games for Realm Royale, Skillshot Media for e-sports, and Alacrity Arthouse for technical art.

source: press release

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…I should launch a Canadian based Pink Pigtails Games. o.O

Bruno Brito

Maybe their games won’t be in eternal betatests.

Oh, who am i kidding.