Red Dead Online offers players a new care package for daily challenges

You really do care.

How’s your supply of ammunition for hunting varmints in Red Dead Online? Not critters, but specifically varmints. Because you can get a nice round set of 100 in a new care package in the game, available until July 16th. There are also poison arrows and some foodstuffs in there along with fishing bait. All the stuff that you need to roam around shooting varmints, then! And go fishing afterwards, to celebrate the varmints you shot, or… look, that part isn’t thematically consistent.

To pick up the care package, you just need to clear 10 Daily Challenges in the game by the aforementioned July 16th. Players can also pick up special benefits in the game by linking their Twitch accounts in, and there are new items available for character customization in the game’s catalog. It’s not a new set of reasons to hunt you some varmints, but you can just think while you’re clearing your challenges that there will be varmint-based carnage with that care package.

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I clicked on the link against my better judgement. First of all, rugged individualism is incompatible with care packages. Second. Since when do cowboys season their tender pork lion with thyme, wild mint and oregano. What the hell? I have no problem with the live crickets although you really should collect them yourselves and not get them thru the mail.