The Daily Grind: Do you multitask while playing MMOs?


The other night I may have broken a personal record of multitasking while playing an MMO. I was in the game doing quests while listening through a new album of music and glancing over some notes that I was studying. I’m not saying I was tremendously effective at all of these things with my attention divided, just that I did it.

Some of us wouldn’t ever think of multitasking, but others might. Perhaps you listen to audiobooks or podcasts while you’re in the game. Maybe you do some exercises during those long gaming sessions. Or you have a second monitor devoted to nothing but Netflix.

Do you multitask while playing MMOs? What are you doing while you’re also gaming?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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I multi-task when playing MMO’s…. if the mmo is getting boring but i got nothing else to play…. games today SUCK. I miss the old days of quality games…. its like developers have lost the ability to imagine from relentless coding monotony…..


Personally I don’t. Immersion is very important.


I never multitask while gaming. If a game isn’t good enough to deserve my whole attention, it’s not worth playing at all.


Whenever there’s downtime, or even just activity that doesn’t require my full attention, I’m multitasking. MMOs are particularly prone to it, between forced downtime, wastefully long travel, and grind so easy I can literally do it without paying attention, to the point I don’t start playing a MMO without something at hand — typically either a book or a portable console — to get through the boring segments. A lot of the time I spent on Pokémon games those last couple decades happened while I was nominally playing a MMO.

I often go one step further and actively monitor how much time I spend multi-tasking, and if it exceeds a certain threshold I leave them. Let’s just say I hate forced downtime in all its shapes and forms.

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Twitch, YouTube and other sites like MOP. If it’s new content, I’ll focus on the game alone to get the full experience usually.

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Rees Racer

I’m actually not certain having a cricket match and Formula 1 on whilst playing ESO/Destiny 2/Neverwinter qualifies as multitasking. But I find it most relaxing.

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Yes, but no.

Back when I was into it there was seldom a time, even when working or sleeping, that I didn’t have a character on another computer camping the auction house or some spawn point or playing guild spy. I was active on forums as well, but I wasn’t playing the immediate game. I wasn’t dividing my active focus. I don’t know that I can.


I’m gonna go with no.

I mean, I eat, drink and smoke while gaming, and if it’s an MMO I’ll probably be chatting on vent too. I also used to watch a lot of netflix when playing single player games of a certain type (usually strategy games).

But they’re not really “tasks”. The game was always the primary focus, eating/drinking/smoking was automatic and required no thought, and netflix involves no brain power, it’s passive entertainment.

With MMOs, I’ve never played one that is easy/shallow/slow/automated enough to allow sufficient time to do another task. If the game has given me enough time to multitask, then the game isnt engaging enough and thus not worth my time.


Sure, I generally watch something if i’m doing something tedious like leveling or grinding.

Doesn’t quite beat my friend’s habit of listening to music AND an audiobook… While writing her own book.

Hikari Kenzaki

Sometimes, the family has something I’m interested in watching on the TV, and it’s in the corner of my eye.

I tend to have Discord open while playing and sometimes check that during cutscenes, bathroom breaks and random grindy sessions.

Or like when I was getting the Ducky hot air balloon in Maplestory 2, we did a lot of watching old TV shows and chatting as I ran around smiting and fishing.

There are other times though that I tend to set everything else aside and just focus on our gaming session.