Elder Scrolls Blades patches in new enemies, challenges, and other adjustments


Since Elder Scrolls Blades is making inroads at being a bit more successful recently, it would stand to reason that the devs of the title would want to keep it up and add more new stuff. That’s about what this latest patch is doing for the game, offering up new enemies to whack at and new Challenges to chase down.

The biggest new addition to Blades is everyone’s favorite elemental evil, the Atronach, which arrives in the familiar Flame, Frost, and Storm flavors. These foes will start showing up in y our Jobs over level 20, and Atronachs at Potent difficulty and above will have a Storm Armor spell that regenerates their health and makes its spells immune to interrupts. Players will also find tougher foes with more diverse fighting styles in Battle Arena Jobs, and can look forward to new higher level Wights, Skeletons, Spriggans, Trolls, Wispmothers, and Wisps.

The update has also added new Challenges in Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary tiers, all of which offer up Gem rewards for those who meet them, along with some quality-of-life features like new enemy weakness icons and the ability to hide your helmet. There’s also a number of bug fixes and adjustments overall, which can all be found in the patch notes.

Readers will recall that Blades started off on rocky footing, with its feet put to the fire by players due to its business model. Recent patches, however, have been pretty well received, including this latest update, so it would seem that the Good Ship Blades is on its way to righting itself. We even took it for a brief spin, which you can find in the embed below.

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