State of Decay 2 adds a new way to earn gear and other improvements in the Bounty Broker update


It has, admittedly, been a while since we’ve checked in on the… uh… the state of State of Decay 2, with our last major report being Microsoft’s acquisition of developer Undead Labs as well as a peek in The Survivalist. Now seems as good a time as any to follow up, however, in the face of its most recent update, which introduces a new method for getting gear.

That new method is from the update’s titular Bounty Broker, who can be found in a van at three different locations (I hope at least one of them is down by the river). Whenever new gear is added to the game, players can head to the Broker, take up a bounty, and return when the job is done to earn a piece of promised gear. Once an item is unlocked, you can buy additional copies of it for Influence in any community.

The Broker will currently feature the new Critical Response series of weapons, a bundle of firearms that celebrate the police and firefighters who work in the zombie apocalypse. The new update has also significantly reduced load times, shed some file size that the game takes up on your hard drive, and brought back the ability to recruit survivors with military training and backgrounds, which is reportedly a “repeated and emphatic community request” according to the patch notes. If you are among those active players of State of Decay 2 that have opinions on this update, the devs are fielding input by way of a survey.

Speaking of patch notes, feel free to check this link or take in a video edition of them below.

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