Korn will be playing an in-game concert in AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds


Believe me, I’m just as awestruck by that headline as perhaps anyone reading this is, and I’m the one who wrote it. It’s true, though: The hard rock group Korn will be lending its members’ likenesses and even a brand-new song as part of an in-game concert event in both AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds. Yes, really.

Here’s how it shakes down: New AQ3D characters will get themselves a Magic Ticket in their inventory, though you’ll certainly want to get through the tutorial section first. If you happen to already be a regular player of the game, you can get your ticket from the Special Event Promoter for a mere 100g. In either case, using the ticket will teleport you to the Battle Concert Arena when the event starts, where you can hear an in-game concert by the digital versions of Korn, including a new song from their upcoming album The Nothing, and even fight monsters in the mosh pit for some loot.

The event itself will be free, but there is also a VIP pack up for purchase that will grant you Korn-branded items, the Heavy Metal Mosh Pit armor, the ability to transform into monsters while at the show, and even a backstage pass so you can get a shot with the in-game likenesses of the band.

The totally surreal in-game event starts on Tuesday, August 20th, and will run for a month, and once it’s gone, it absolutely is gone.

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