Here’s 15 minutes of unedited Starbase combat footage


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the course of following the sandbox MMO Starbase, it’s that the devs love them some videos. Whether it’s the silly or the mechanical, they crank out lots and lots and lots of videos. So, yes, there’s a new one out there now, and this one is all about fighting.

The footage in question comes from the point of view of an Imperial soldier in the middle of a fight between the Empire and the Kingdom over the ownership of a station. The footage is a full 15 minutes of raw gameplay with no editing other than some background music and an end plate. Over the course of the fight we get a look at ship-to-ship combat and even see a moment where our POV pilot leaps out of their spaceship to fight enemies in the vacuum as well as board a larger vessel.

It’s not the prettiest and flashiest of videos, but it’s the longest look we’ve had yet at how battle will look and feel in the game currently. Get comfortable and take it all in below.

source: YouTube
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The game clearly need some kind of FoF system like a modal that you put a code into and everyone broadcasting that code is flagged as a friendly.