Aion NA offers a closer look at the new Vandal class


August 21st will see the arrival of the new Vandal class to Aion in North America among other things, but all we really could tell up to this point is that the class looks like “Sexy K-Pop Splatoon” as Eliot put it. A new dev blog has helped us all fill in some blanks to see just how this unique new class operates.

The Vandal is very much like the Painter spec that the EU version of the MMO patched in this past July. It is a mid-ranged damage dealing class that promises to offer some never-before-seen tricks like the ability to avoid death and channel paint attacks on enemies for an extended period of time. It’s not just about tagging foes, though, as the Vandal also has a number of skills to assist themselves and their teammates. It also will feature the introduction of Martial Cloth armor, a new type of light armor that’s all about physical stats, so be careful not to select light armor rewards meant for magic users.

While the class wields a pair of Chromablasters as weapons, the actual weapon item in-game works as a two-handed piece of equipment, meaning players will want to look for a second weapon for Armsfusion to get the most out of their paint spitting armaments. As far as playstyle, the Vandal will operate much like other quick damage classes like the Gunslinger and Assassin, so if that’s your kind of class, then you’ll likely feel right at home.

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