Rumor: Nexon Korea is shedding more employees and dropping in-development MMOs


More bad news appears to be coming out of the home office of Nexon in Korea. According to unconfirmed and anonymous reports from Inven, the gaming giant is in the process of dropping or reassigning employees and is ending work on in-development game projects, affecting at the very least 80 people in the process.

According to these reports, manpower at the publisher/developer’s office is lowering for several developing and live games, with no overall hard numbers being reported as of right now. This personnel shift is confirmed to be affecting at least one in-development project, an Unreal Engine-powered CCG known as Project G, which is “on hold” while the game’s 80 employees await their fate. The company’s internal Nexon Labor Union expects many of these employees to be moved to different positions. Any live games associated with this apparent restructuring will continue to run.

The other affected employees are reportedly in a sort of stasis within Nexon’s office, as they are still technically employed but have no tasks for them to do. This has lead to a reported sense of being unemployed as those employees have yet to be informed of what the transitional process even looks like.

There’s yet to be any official statement at the time of this writing, but initial statements insist that there is “no restructuring” and that the company is “reorganizing to cope with the rapidly changing game market trends.” Nexon’s CEO claims that a public statement about what’s happening will be made as soon as possible; we’ll be sure to update the story with any such statement when it becomes available.

These rumors are the latest in a series of blows that Nexon has taken over the past several weeks, including the shutdown of two Nexon offices in the West and a less than stellar second quarter.

source: Inven via MMO Culture
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