Ashes of Creation’s next Apocalypse battle royale playtest is running today on Steam


As Ashes of Creation backers and fans continue to wait for the MMORPG to emerge from the caverns of development, at least there’s a distraction to keep the community occupied. Intrepid Studios re-activated the game’s battle royale mode, Apocalypse, for another test today. That’s right, it’s a 12-hour playtest, today, so if you’re going to get in, you’d best do it soon.

One notable change for this playtest is the addition of a Steam client. As in the past, Intrepid said that Apocalypse provides invaluable feedback for the MMO: “As we work to master the three core fundamentals – character, control, and camera — everything we learn from player interactions in Apocalypse becomes part of our iterative process, and allows us to refine and polish for the MMORPG based on actual, live data.”

Speaking of the MMO, the next step for that game’s testing is Alpha 1, which so far has not been dated. By participating in Apocalypse, players can progress on the “Adventurer’s Path” to unlock cosmetics for the online RPG.

And it’s live!

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