Project Gorgon’s latest patch overhauls the shield skill and adds the Fae Realm zone


It’s patch season for indie MMO darling Project Gorgon, as a new biome has entered the chat. It’s called the Fae Realm.

“A new explorable area has been added to the game!” Elder Game announced on the official forums. “It’s for those hardy adventurers who can already survive the dangers of Gazluk. Being another plane of existence, it’s not especially easy to reach. There is an entry method via the Winter Nexus dungeon, and there is also a way in via one of the caves in Gazluk. This area is a work in progress — it will eventually also be the starting location for the playable fairy race, so you’ll notice a few empty shop stalls, some suspiciously empty ruins, etc., which will be filled in later.”

Devs are seeking feedback on monster variety and density in the new area, but there’s much more in the update, including a huge revamp of the shield skill, a combat skill level cap bump to 70, new bonus skill levels for some skills, training tweaks, adjustments to health and power advancement, recipe experience retuning. Check out the whole forum thread for the deets (it’s a monster!).

Source: Official site. Thank, Duane and Emily!
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