Rogue Server Report: Battle of the Immortals is back, The Sims Online’s emu gets an update


We’ve got a couple of updates on the emulator/rogue server front. Specifically, the return of Battle of the Immortals, which was sunsetted by PWE in January of last year, and an update to the Sims Online emulater FreeSO.

For anyone who misses Battle of the Immortals, Reddit offered up a recommendation of a rogue server run by a group calling itself Pamizra Games. According to the post, this particular server offers improved XP and drop rates, and also grants players with free 250 Zen for every hour they’re online and a starter pack with 10,000 Zen among other extras. If playing this game without all of the cash shop trappings sounds like your bag, then you may want to take a peek.

As for The Sims Online and FreeSO, the emulator’s 77th (!) update is live, bringing upgrades for sofas, toy rockets, and a car that you can “drive” wherever you go. The emulator has also added Thai language support.


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Is this a new column? Cool! Welcome aboard. Given the popularity of pservers and the surging market for classic reboots I guess it’s not surprising to find a column about them. I would never have expected to see one from MOP until a while ago when the columnists started talking openly about the SWG emu scene. Then the brouhaha about WoW emulation before Classic was announced, followed by the CoH Homecoming emu reveal, and, well, I guess it’s considered safe to talk about now! I would imagine it will stick to emu’s for sunsetted games? Any thoughts about what should and shouldn’t be discussed – or linked to – in the comments?

I was never into Battle for the Immortals or Sims Online so these are a pass for me, but I hope this column takes off.