World of Warcraft outlines its improved recruit-a-friend program

If only I had some friends...


Do you have a friend you want to drag with you back into Azeroth? Soon you will be handsomely compensated for the gesture, thanks to the return of World of Warcraft’s recruit-a-friend program.

Out of service for a while now, the new and improved recruit-a-friend program offers both recruiter and recruitee helpful rewards. For starters, both players will get an ability to teleport to each other and enjoy 50% bonus XP while grouped up. Recruiters can earn titles, a monkey pet, game time, cool mounts (including an airplane and camel), and outfits depending on how long their friends have been subscribed. Blizzard also pointed out that this program will pair very nicely with the upcoming Party Sync feature.

And since we’re on the subject of World of Warcraft, one fan went to the extreme effort of remaking the game’s Stormwind in Unreal Engine 4. If you ever wondered what a high-rez, high-polygon version of WoW might look like, well, now’s your chance to satisfy that curiosity.

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Malcolm Swoboda

I feel that Stormwind is a little too heavy on the shadows/darkness, and realism.

Malcolm Swoboda

I hate retiring of old assets (unless simply replacing them with higher quality versions). Now old RAF stuff doesn’t exist, instead of rolled into the rewards for this. And I actually care less.

Matthew Yetter

I really wish the game looked like that video (and his others). Talk about beautiful.

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agemyth 😩

Its cool seeing iconic places like Stormwind rendered in different engines and with different art assets, but the real deal Stormwind in-game has so much more character to it, imo. If we remove the fact that its Stormwind and other Warcraft-ness from that video it just looks like any old fantasy castle city.