Gaming chat client company Discord issued an unknown number of layoffs this week


If you’re a gamer, you probably use Discord, so you’re probably interested to know that the company behind it is evidently going through a rough patch: reported this morning that Discord Inc. has suffered a round of layoffs, though we don’t yet know exactly how many people were handed pink slips.

“Yesterday we made an active shift in the talent needs of our marketing department to better serve our growing business and future ambitions,” a Discord representative told GIbiz. “As part of this, some difficult personnel decisions had to be made to meet these goals.”

While there are no signs that the subcription-optional chat service itself is in trouble, gamers will recall that in 2018 Discord launched its own Steam competitor. The storefront shifted to developer-oriented sales earlier this year, and then most recently, the company dropped the free games perk for its sub service, both clear signals that Discord is backing off from challenging the likes of Steam and Epic Games.

Source: GIbiz
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