Ship of Heroes will let players save and share a costume file


“Okay, so which blue is it again?”
“The third one down.”
“Down from the top?”
“Yes, Frank, that’s what down means.”
“Okay, is this good?”
“…dammit, Frank, no, you have the wrong shoulderpads.”
“…oh. Um, can I have some more inf for a costume change?”

If you’ve had a conversation like this while trying to coordinate a supergroup uniform in City of Heroes, imagine the agitation a robust costume creator like the one in Ship of Heroes would cause. There is a feature that will hopefully alleviate that stressor, however, with the ability to save a costume file and share it with others.

There is one restriction with this feature that limits characters to only one saved costume file. However, that file can be applied to all three of the game’s body types, so your perfect look will slap itself to a giant hulking avatar just as easily as it will a diminutive one, so go nuts and plan out the sentai squad of your dreams.

There’s still no date for the character creator tool’s beta, but we’re expecting it any day now. Our own Into the Superverse column recently covered why this tool is so important for the MMO genre and MMO players.

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