Ship of Heroes will let players save and share a costume file


“Okay, so which blue is it again?”
“The third one down.”
“Down from the top?”
“Yes, Frank, that’s what down means.”
“Okay, is this good?”
“…dammit, Frank, no, you have the wrong shoulderpads.”
“…oh. Um, can I have some more inf for a costume change?”

If you’ve had a conversation like this while trying to coordinate a supergroup uniform in City of Heroes, imagine the agitation a robust costume creator like the one in Ship of Heroes would cause. There is a feature that will hopefully alleviate that stressor, however, with the ability to save a costume file and share it with others.

There is one restriction with this feature that limits characters to only one saved costume file. However, that file can be applied to all three of the game’s body types, so your perfect look will slap itself to a giant hulking avatar just as easily as it will a diminutive one, so go nuts and plan out the sentai squad of your dreams.

There’s still no date for the character creator tool’s beta, but we’re expecting it any day now. Our own Into the Superverse column recently covered why this tool is so important for the MMO genre and MMO players.


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I simply can’t understand the reasoning behind just one costume file when I’m currently playing City of Heroes and can save unlimited costumes. The files being simple text files, not large in the slightest and easily shared(though I’ve never shared even one costume in my entire time playing).


Only one saved costume file? What is the reasoning behind that?

I imagine that people will quickly figure out how to bypass this, renaming the costume file or some such thing, which makes me wonder again what the purpose of limiting it to one is.

Or wait, is it just one saved costume per character and we can make as many characters as we want? Though even if that is the case, I would still like to be able to have multiple costume saves for a single character.

I don’t know it seems like an odd decision. We should be able to save as many different costume files to our system as we want.

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Saving Designs is cool and I really like how you can apply the design to different body types without having to do it from scratch that’s a great feature.

But SHARE! our own character designs.. Hell no. The whole point of creation is to put our unique stamp on our characters not share it with everyone else so they can all look the same that puts us right back to square one! with us all looking the same, which is exactly what we were all trying to get away from, to begin with lol

Handy for helping others make cool designs though I guess, especially if they are short on creativity or ideas. And any excuse for me to play in character creators i’m down with. Being an Alt-o-Holic I could make characters all day lol


I don’t believe anyone is requiring you SHARE your design if you don’t want to. Personally, I like to create a good costume and test out a character concept… but if it turns out not to work (due to playstyle or whatever) with this feature, I could save and then delete that character and recreate fresh a the same look but with hopefully more interesting powers.

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Peregrine Falcon

I can’t wait to play this game!


(yay for net breaking mid post, anyway)

no score for being able to save and share a cossie file, every extensive character customization game should have it (and many do), buuuuut

+100 for costume to fit across multiple body types / applying separately than the body sliders (love this in sto too)

-5000 for JUST ONE COSSIE FILE PER CHARA RAGERAWWRRRGGGGHHH, seriously??? hopefully just a temporary thing or only for the stand alone character editor thing, otherwise all my eventual characters will have pitchforks

even if the game has no pitchforks

other-otherwise, this is just one of those utterly silly but boneheaded things if this will be an as-is / monetized deal

Hikari Kenzaki

Why just one? It’s got to be a programmatic hurdle that causes it to be only one.
There is no sense to it being only one. Even if additionals were a cash shop item, most people would either:
1) Deal with the difficulty of 1 slot rather than give them any money.
2) Hold it up as proof that the game will be microtransaction hell.

This is just a bad, bad, bad idea.

Many many games allow the saving of multiple character templates. These can also be exported and shared.


I have to assume that extra costume slots will be a cash shop item otherwise this restriction makes no sense.


Only ONE?

I think SOH just created its’ first supervillain…