OrbusVR brings its new level 30 dungeons and new Shard dungeons online


Earlier in the month, VR MMO OrbusVR offered a look at new endgame content due with its forthcoming update. That update officially went live yesterday, bringing along with it new Shard dungeons and two new level 30 dungeons.

Orbus players at the top end now have the Abandoned Mine and the Ancient Temple to contend with, which promise to offer powerful new bosses and even some bosses returned from before the MMO was reborn. The update also raises Shard Dungeons to a new +15 tier with new mutations to conquer and new loot to earn. The update has also brought on a new Shard Trader that lets players trade in lower-tier equipment shards into higher-tier ones, and also offers a quest to purchase a new luxury mount, though players are warned that they’d “better prepare [their] dram wallet for that one.”

The update has also brought on a variety of other tweaks as well, all of which are detailed in the patch notes.


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