Overwatch brings back Halloween today but cancels the Nintendo Switch launch event


For those who have not joined in the Blizzard boycott and are still playing Overwatch, the next few hours are going to be mighty interesting. Today will mark the return of the game’s Halloween Terror event and the arrival of the multiplayer shooter to the Nintendo Switch console.

Details on what’s new or returning for this year’s Halloween event are sparse at the time of this writing, but we do know that it will arrive today, October 15th. There are likely new skins and other cosmetic shinies waiting in the wings, like one apparent emote where Zenyatta’s feet actually touch the ground.

Information on the Nintendo Switch launch, mercifully, is more robust: A website posting provides hard details on the game’s launch timing for various time zones, information on how to install the game on the system, and a word of encouragement that support is standing by in case any troubleshooting needs to happen. Overwatch will officially arrive today, October 15th, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. A launch event to celebrate the Nintendo Switch launch was planned in New York City for this coming Wednesday, October 16th, but that has since been cancelled. That probably has almost nothing to do with a revolution of our age, surely.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site, thanks to Danny and Tracy for the tip!
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As much as I love Overwatch, and am addicted to skin collection, I’ve taken a backseat pass to it since the whole Blitzchung debacle. Have to kind of agree with those seeking separation from a totalitarian dictatorship with a history of human rights violations. And companies who side with them to make some extra cash are just a bit sick in the head.


Basically every company you buy anything from has connections to China. Not playing Overwatch for reasons is stupid because you’re not paying to play it. Now let’s be honest this situation is nothing new. It is a power struggle Hong Kong is trying to break off from China and like any other country China will not let it happen without a fight. So why get in this now when you failed to protest the others?


You are possibly correct that every company I buy anything from has some connection or another in China. HOWEVER, Blizzard so far has been the only one to openly show punishment towards those that speak out in support of Hong Kong and human rights.

There’s a difference between economically supporting a global powerhouse in a world market and pushing a tyrannical regime’s silencing of open speech/support. Take for example Epic’s stance on this: “we don’t punish open views/opinions on supporting human rights”. Say what you will in it being a PR move, but at least it’s a PR move in the right direction instead of Blizzard’s exact opposite one.

Bruno Brito

Now, this is a game that is extremely easy to me to just say no.

Danny Smith

I think i’m good this year.