Anthem’s latest update brings a new Cataclysm and the Season of Skulls


“Season of Skulls” sounds a lot like a badass heavy metal band name, but it’s actually the current seasonal content theme for Anthem’s 1.5.0 update, which has added a new Cataclysm and a couple of features for the multiplayer shooter.

Yes, the Cataclysm is back, and this time it’s dressed up a bit for Halloween. In spite of its holiday theming, an informational post explains that it’s effectively a theme for this season’s length of content. Unlike the normal Cataclysm, the Season of Skulls can be accessed by anyone, though the Echoes of Reality level can be accessed only by players who completed the Incursion story. Otherwise, this works about the same: enter an arena full of enemies and take them out swiftly for a high score while also dealing with encounter-changing Inversions.

The Season of Skulls is also bringing something new to Freeplay. Those who complete three thematic open-world events will open up a boss fight on the map for everyone to take on and get themselves some rewards. Speaking of rewards, those have changed with this season as well, with all events awarding crystals and those that awarded major crystals now awarding 500 minor crystals. This currency can be used to purchase items and War Chests that change on a weekly basis, along with a Legendary-only War Chest. In addition, normal War Chests have a 250% increase in getting a Legendary item.

There are a variety of overall gameplay changes as well, such as the option to Mass Salvage items, the end of Javelins plummeting to the ground if they fly into a wall, and a variety of weapon and Javelin updates. The patch notes have all the details.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks Panagiotis for the tip!
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