Kingdom Under Fire 2 prepares for its Western release with several class videos

There are some who call me... big.

When you hear the classes for the MMO Kingdom Under Fire 2, you probably can guess which one does what; there are only so many ways one can be a Gunslinger or a Berzerker. That said, each of these classes certainly have a level of panache as one can see from each of the game’s class showcases.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 features five classes players can control: the Elementalist, which wields elements for attack and defense and summoning companions; the Berzerker, which taps into rage to cleave through reams of foes; the Spellsword, which uses steel with lightning and ice magic; the Ranger, which brings a number of arrow and dagger-based attacks; and the Gunslinger, which combines firearms and sword attacks.

Never heard of Kingdom Under Fire 2? It bills itself as a massively multiplayer online action real-time strategy title (MMOARTS) that lets players command armies from an RTS view and wade into the thick of battle in active combat. It was first shown off in 2008 and was supposed to arrive in 2009 to the West only to arrive to Asia in 2010 and go dark to our part of the world ever since. However, publisher Gameforge has since acquired the rights to release the game to our shores.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is due to arrive sometime in November, though a recent Facebook post hints that a firm release date could be on the horizon. For now, you can check out each of the class showcases below.






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Mykal Quinn

Looks like another overly P2W Asian import. I might play it when someone comes up with a rogue server.

Mykal Quinn

Also, all the classes look like they play basically the same.


Too late to pique my interest. I hope Lost Ark arrives faster in the western hemisphere.

Anthony Clark

Gender locked classes. So bad.


This will not end well…

The game was in several different states of developmental hell, and whenever it did see some manner of release? It was compromised badly. They fumbled hard into the southeast asian market with horrendous optimization and poor planning, practically released the game into the wild with its Beta and not even three years later got snuffed out. Then it got a year or so of life in Russia before it too was put out to pasture, though rather than outright say “it’s cancelled” they simply said “Oh, it just isn’t available for play now”. And that was just this past March too.

Without some heavy updating and work done before release, I just can’t see it catching on. It’s also just… weird to try and push this game out as is. From memory and my understanding (years ago when they actually first announced it), there isn’t any sort of PvE aside from a single-player storyline in-game. The online component is exclusively PvP of ’15 vs 15′, and you’re going to have to be playing the RTS while you’re doing the whole… action thing.

That is an odd Venn Diagram to try to slot this game into. Especially when the series is a decade past its prime and you’ve likely lost all fan interest and name power with it. It’d be nice to be wrong, and I know a couple of friends who would have been overjoyed at this six or seven years ago, but…

Yeah. This just doesn’t give me much hope on it.

Matt Genaro

Game is cool and all, but I think that might be too little too late for it to build any hype and grow up. Looks outdated, both graphically and mechanically, for the current standard game market.


Went to youtube to watch some game play and it sounded like a Chinese porn movie.