Kingdom Under Fire 2 prepares for its Western release with several class videos

There are some who call me... big.

When you hear the classes for the MMO Kingdom Under Fire 2, you probably can guess which one does what; there are only so many ways one can be a Gunslinger or a Berzerker. That said, each of these classes certainly have a level of panache as one can see from each of the game’s class showcases.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 features five classes players can control: the Elementalist, which wields elements for attack and defense and summoning companions; the Berzerker, which taps into rage to cleave through reams of foes; the Spellsword, which uses steel with lightning and ice magic; the Ranger, which brings a number of arrow and dagger-based attacks; and the Gunslinger, which combines firearms and sword attacks.

Never heard of Kingdom Under Fire 2? It bills itself as a massively multiplayer online action real-time strategy title (MMOARTS) that lets players command armies from an RTS view and wade into the thick of battle in active combat. It was first shown off in 2008 and was supposed to arrive in 2009 to the West only to arrive to Asia in 2010 and go dark to our part of the world ever since. However, publisher Gameforge has since acquired the rights to release the game to our shores.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is due to arrive sometime in November, though a recent Facebook post hints that a firm release date could be on the horizon. For now, you can check out each of the class showcases below.

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