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The Stream Team: The further adventures of OrcElf the Bored Ranger in Kingdom Under Fire 2

Last week, MassivelyOP's Chris took a quick look at the opening beats of the MMO action RTS Kingdom Under Fire 2, and ever since...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 247: Shopping for MMO guilds

Justin and Bree discuss Dark Age of Camelot, Path of Exile, DDO, WoW Classic, FFXIV on Xbox One, and Anthem, with a sponsored segment on Kingdom Under Fire 2, and mailbag topics on the feel of old MMOs and shopping for guilds.

The Stream Team: An opening look at Kingdom Under Fire 2

What do you get when you combine an MMO, an RTS, and a player who has the tactical acumen of a sleepy snail? We're...

Gameforge’s Kingdom Under Fire 2 has officially launched today in NA and EU

Developer Blueside and publisher Gameforge are dropping Kingdom Under Fire 2 for western players today, treating us to a new entry in a...

Kingdom Under Fire 2 drums up hype for its launch with a pre-release event in a German castle

It appears that publisher Gameforge is getting super serious about the impending western launch of Kingdom Under Fire 2. As in "rent...

Fight or Kite: PvP games to play if you’re still boycotting Blizzard

The past couple of weeks in the land of Blizzard have made for a wild ride. Some of us have extremely strong feelings and...

Kingdom Under Fire 2 touts the real-time strategy side of its gameplay in the latest video

Sure, Kingdom Under Fire 2 has plenty of classes to choose from so you can wade into the thick of battle, but...
The Last Balloon~

Kingdom Under Fire 2 gets a November 14 launch date

The MMORTS subgenre has never really taken off, but Kingdom Under Fire 2 is certainly hoping to change that fact. The last game in...
There are some who call me... big.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 prepares for its Western release with several class videos

When you hear the classes for the MMO Kingdom Under Fire 2, you probably can guess which one does what; there are only...