Kingdom Under Fire 2 drums up hype for its launch with a pre-release event in a German castle


It appears that publisher Gameforge is getting super serious about the impending western launch of Kingdom Under Fire 2. As in “rent out space at a German castle in order to promote the game” serious. Which is a significant change of pace from its silence between 2009 and 2019, to be fair.

Journalists and content creators were invited to Castle Reichenstein in Germany to get a hands-on preview of Kingdom Under Fire 2 as well as take in some thematic entertainment in the form of medieval performances. As one would expect, the preview event has offered some impressions of the MMORTS, and as one would expect from a press release, some of the more glowing reactions were featured.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is heading to this part of the world on Thursday, November 14th, just in case any of our more RTS-minded readers want to be made aware.

source: press release

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That video looked and sounded like it was made by one person in about 30 minutes tops.


Oh, Burg Reichenstein in the Rhine valley. I was visiting that one in September. Very nice.

Kero Kero

Don’t want to discourage them. That’s pretty cool. I do wish the game was f2p tho..