Kingdom Under Fire 2 is shutting down in October


It’s almost time to wave farewell to Kingdom Under Fire 2; publisher Gameforge has announced that the title will sunset for good on October 26th, with the game already unavailable for new players to download and premium currency purchases being disabled. Players can still use any currency they already have, which seems like a tacit statement that refunds for unspent currency or the like will not be offered, and there’s no word of any sort of shutdown events or the like in the announcement.

For those of you who have totally forgotten that this title even existed in the first place, KUF2 launched back in November of 2019. Our own look at the MMORPG/MMORTS hybrid game found that it was an ambitious but flawed title with a lot of unique systems but some serious flaws and lack of polish. We can only offer condolences to fans of the game who are going to be waving goodbye to the title soon.

Source: Steam via MMO Fallout
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