Massively Overthinking: Our MMO resolutions for 2020


We’re succumbing to tradition this week as we’re counting down the days until 2020. As we do at the end of every year, we’ve asked the Massively OP writers to pony up their gaming and MMO-specific resolutions for the new year. Don’t have resolutions? Goals are goo too. Join us in putting plans to paper for our last Massively Overthinking of the decade!

Andy McAdams: I don’t really do resolutions. So maybe my gaming resolution is to continue to have fun in games? Especially those games that aren’t exactly what I wanted.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I don’t do formal resolutions usually, but there is still stuff I want to chip away at, and it’s mostly the same as in past years: work less, branch out more, and enjoy what I’ve got. I need to stop spending every waking minute worrying about the site because it’s going fine. I need to play more new things and get out of my comfort zone. And I also need to play even more of the things I love because they aren’t around forever. In my specific case, some of the games I love are back and I need to carve out more time in the day to actually play them and do new things in them – this time, with my littles. :D

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX): I’m going to reach level 62 with my Tamer and at least one other class on Black Desert Online. I’m also going to try and get all the BLU spells in FFXIV and possibly start a new MMO. Maybe New World?

I also want to throw my gauntlet into making videos related to MMOs and the culture around it. It’s not really to make money, but I need a creative outlet.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I have the self-control of an Augustus Gloop sometimes, but I also did keep to my resolution to try more sandbox MMOs, so maybe I can do it again. In 2020, I resolve to keep a better eye on the smaller games that are out there. The AQ3Ds and Villagers and Heroes and Kingdom Under Fire 2s of the world. The stuff that, arguably, deserves to be nurtured the most. Especially if I want to halt my 2020 prediction.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): I want to be more active in group content in Guild Wars 2 this year. Strike missions have reminded me how much fun grouping can be, and have made me want to get back into fractal running on a regular basis.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): The only new resolution I have for 2020 when it comes to gaming is to focus a bit more on goals in MMOs, since that not only keeps me more on track with momentum and gaming variety, but it also creates a more satisfying experience (personally). I want to try out a different MMO every month with goals set for each, along with my staples.

Other than that, I’ll be keeping up my previous habits of playing for fun — not out of obligation or requirement — being social once in a while, keeping a balanced personal and gaming life, and enjoying a healthy side dish of single-player titles that are stacking up in my backlog.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I am going to find myself a weekly gaming group. The benefits of having one night a week when you know who you’ll be playing with and what you’ll be doing are numerous. I haven’t had a regular group since Vanguard.

I will actually start inviting people to my BDO guild, even if I don’t know them in real life.
I am going to do more tandem streaming with my son. It’s fun when we’re playing together and we’re both streaming.

Let’s just see if I can get into a routine of playing and writing. That would be fantastic.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): This year due to health and munchkin, I did very little gaming on my own just for fun. Almost every single thing I did was geared toward work and streaming. (Yeah, I totally didn’t succeed in this 2019 resolution.) In 2020, I want to go back to just having some time where my only goals are to enjoy some story and features at my own pace. I’ve already started by doing some roleplay with a friend (yay for at least getting a little credit on this 2019 resolution!), and I going to be doing much more in 2020. Honestly, this really is what I love most about gaming: telling/living stories. So I will definitely make sure I have a larger chunk of my time spent in RP, which happens also means I am having more personal gaming time! Win/win right?

For more specific goals, this next year I also plan:
1. To become much better acquainted with the Ranger in Path of Exile; I will be getting ready to dive into that class in PoE 2.
2. To build my own Railjack in Warframe.
3. To finish the final scene of Dishonored that I left undone a couple of years ago!
4. To complete the Subnautica campaign so I can move on to the next chapter.
5. To play more of the new games I have been sent as gifts over this year!
6. To start my hybrid tabletop/in-game adventures I have planned. My current backdrop is likely Conan Exiles, but that isn’t the only idea!
7. To spend more time in-game with my colleagues at MOP — likely streaming it for you all to enjoy as well.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): My goal is going to be to play more competitively. Perhaps try and stream some as well. This year I jumped around and really got to play so many more games than I ever usually do, which was a lot of fun. But this next year I want to focus on playing a single title more and in depth.

Every week, join the Massively OP staff for Massively Overthinking column, a multi-writer roundtable in which we discuss the MMO industry topics du jour – and then invite you to join the fray in the comments. Overthinking it is literally the whole point. Your turn!

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I want to get off my butt and jump back into Pokemon Go. I also want to try out a few new games, including Villagers & Heroes and Crowfall.


I’m currently learning how to create games in C# and Unity and I think I am ready to create something. So I just need to find the right something to create.

Do I want to start by creating a build your own adventure game, short on graphics but strong on content? I loved way you determined your class in Ultima by a series of questions and am curious as to whether I can make a full game out of that.

How do a reconcile what I want to create with what people want?
I think I’ll mull it over some more while watching cricket.

Raph Koster spent 5 years at home as an independent designer, I can give myself a bit longer before diving into something.


Just paid off the kid’s college loans last month. Cashed out. Time to play. I won’t tempt my resolve, but I’d like to dive back into Star Citizen for a while, then spend some quality time in Dual Universe once the NDA lifts.

Like Bree, I’d really like to get the new generation more involved. I’ve always gamed with my family, but I have a pack of nieces and nephews entering their teens who are ready to join in with us. We had a lot of fun for a few months in WoW Classic, and it helps keep the family close and working together.

I need an MMO project this year, or somebody is likely to put me to work.


I already know that I’m going to be super busy in 2020. I’m starting a new job on January 2nd and starting classes towards an MBA (that I intend to finish) on January 6th. So uh… gaming resolutions are going to have to be pretty light this year :(

– I plan to keep trying to promote community events in SWG Legends and reminding everyone that SWG isn’t just about going out and farming things or trying to collect heroic equipment sets.
– I plan to keep contributing to the Pantheon community as that game approaches Alpha and try my best to make sure that it is a viable world for many people, not only a tiny niche.
– I plan to keep asking developers to prioritize diversity in their player base, and subscriber retention, instead of cash grabs and instant gratification.
– I plan to keep asking for more non-combat content in MMORPGs, along with more of a focus on dynamic content and rich and interesting worlds instead of modal gameplay and treadmill design.

I don’t know how successful I will be in any of those things, but those are what are important to me for 2020, I think :)

Oleg Chebeneev

Im pretty active in RL atm and plan to be even more active in 2020. So I doubt I’ll have alot of time for games. But if I do, my time will be spent in Lost Ark and WoW most likely.

Toy Clown

MMO resolutions… Let’s see… Overall, not specific to any game, I’d like to become more social. I’ve gone from being a community leader who ran a lot of events, helped a lot of new players and other players with running events and plots to someone who is scared to deal with people and usually runs alone in whatever game I play. It’s something I’ve been ramping myself up toward in the last year, having taken a look at the causes. While I’m not sure I want to return to that level of helping others again, I’d at the most like to be able to join a guild and foster friendships again. So that’s my biggest MMO resolution for the year. Wish me luck! :)

Smaller goals pertaining to the MMOs I play, which may or may not happen:
1. FFXIV – finish my omnicrafter. 6 crafts to go!
2. BDO – Ready my Witch for succession and get her to 60. She’s 58 right now. Get my Lahn to 61. Get my Maehwa to 56.
3. AA:U – I’d like to replace my small bungalow for the large one and get a vehicle this year.

I hope everyone has a great year for 202o!

Jon Wax

Taking the year off to work on art. Maybe time will bring some new IP to the forefront but it feels like false hope. As someone who has been gaming since the late 70s I’ve been around for a lot of the changes. Feels like law of diminishing returns is kicking in. Maybe 2021 will be”better” subjectively but 2020 feels like a “lost year” wherein the industry stumbles and is forced to recalibrate.


Resolution, resolution,my country for a resolution!

“Every form of life must struggle. Life is an aberration; death is ordinary. Life requires obstruction, conflict, reverses, and resolve. Life requires questing. Questing provides the meaning that we seek, a purpose to justify the inevitable struggle to live knowing the absurdity that we must die.”
― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

I suppose to be resolute about the coming year is to seek a quest you either have put off for reasons, or to attempt what you’ve never tried before. World of Warcraft and my long time guild I feel are at a turning point. I may attempt to ply a bit more enthusiasm for trying something different. There are truly amazing fantasy worlds to explore and stories/lore to read and participate in. Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2 and the Living Seasons, or possibly the plethora of new mmo’s in development. Well, maybe not a plethora, but there will be some fascinating choices to come!

Oh, I won’t give up hope for an EverQuest 3, it is, I suppose my right to dream as those are the fantasies we make ourselves. My resolution is to be resolute that I shall enjoy what there is to enjoy in the mmo worlds I tread.

Bruno Brito

Oh, I won’t give up hope for an EverQuest 3

Don’t. Just please, let’s all hope for a different publisher.

Robert Mann

My closest current resolution is to build up a pseudo tabletop campaign and have it ready to go. I’m working on building it all up. I’m somewhat excited to see exactly how it will work, since I’m going to be doing it all within a little program called Adventure Roll, which is basically a tool for both building and playing such adventures in a 3d setup. So it feels very much more like an MMO or open world type game in that regard.

Outside that, MMOs have to draw me in still. I’m waiting on something that actually hits my interests, instead of shoehorning myself into games that really only have some minor multiplayer aspect (assuming no raiding or really high-end dungeon stuff) aside from that “online with people I ignore” aspect as their calling card. I just find that I am more content with combat focused games in single player at that point. So MMOs have to break through that issue to really earn resolutions from me here…


Resolutions…? Oooooooo boooooy.

First and foremost? I share MJ’s interest in trying to get a tabletop game going, at some point the stars will align and people WILL have time and work with me to get stuff rolling…! I’ve been buying dice again, and at some point I’m going to end up drowning under them all! But they are pretty so… I couldn’t help meself!
And hopefully we get to hear a little about the experience here too! And good luck with it too! Conan Exiles is definitely an interesting system to try and use and DM through.

Then, I definitely totally swear to all that his under the good name of Jet Li and Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, I will play Blade & Soul. Like… Seriously. I will! Don’t look at me like that! I… I know I’ve said it a few times already, but…! Okay… yeah… maybe not much, but I swear I will!

And, since Dragon’s Dogma Online went dark? I want to at least get some use out of this VPN I was using to play it. Like… Maaaybe I’ll set up some extra PSN accounts…? Yeah? At least an SEA account for my Non-western-released Western releases… I… I have a bad weakness for Super Robot Taisen, and I’m buckling hard here…
Also, might use this as a chance to possibly snag Yakuza Isshin. It is the one game we will likely NEVER see released outside of Japan unfortunately. And I’ve wanted to play it for a good while since its release.

And, finally…? Hit my backlog. No more re-release titles for me! I mean… aside from Persona 5 Royale, but that is literally like a new game. And… Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is a remake! It isn’t a re-release! Though I might get the FF7’s PC release for the New Threat mod, but that’s a mod! But! Aside from that? No remaster will win me over or break me! After those are out…

…Unless Bluepoint releases one of their big teases… I mean, Legend of Dragoon or Demon’s Souls remakes? I can’t say no to that!


I too am interested in the Conan Exiles tabletop fusion. I honestly feel MMOS could be better served to make themselves friendly to this kind of mix.

Sell me assets and scripts and power effects and let me make my own adventures.

I still do not understand why Paizo has not made such a thing for Pathfinder.


To be fair, some MMOs have done that before–at least to an extent. It’s largely a matter of who gets to use it though. Neverwinter is the easiest to name, and definitely had the most open system for it… But the big issue with any MMO giving a person that kind of access is how to balance it out… Which, again, Neverwinter definitely had issues with that. Shroud of the Avatar sooounds like they are implementing something like this, but it’s SotA so… yeah.
As for Paizo, they are still neck-deep in dealing with ‘Pathfinders Online’, so I doubt they’ll be leaning anywhere near that much freedom when they’re still struggling with getting the game right and released.

There are certainly games that avail themselves to this sort of system though, and last I believe MJ mentioned the idea of fusing Conan Exiles with a dice-base system (while back I think), there were examples brought up… Divinity: Original Sins 2 has a tailor-made system specifically for a ‘Dungeon Master’ to run people through adventures. And there is also obviously the Non-MMO Neverwinter titles, that comes with its own extensive item and world editor.

But unfortunately I think a lot of MMOs will avoid opening up their assets in that way. Not just for the potential abuse of mechanics, but simply because… it’d just be really messy. Licenses for models, effects, sounds and the like would all have to be updated if borrowed from elsewhere to accommodate it. To host it in-game would require a re-working and a way to toggle characters for it while making sure we don’t get a repeat of the ‘Martin Fury’ escapade in World of Warcraft elsewhere. And if not hosted in the game proper, that would require setting up some server real estate so instances of player-run games don’t cap against the main game itself.