MMORTS hybrid Kingdom Under Fire 2 adds Grave of Time update, is F2P this weekend


Kingdom Under Fire 2, the long delayed entry in a much-loved franchise, rolled out in the west under the Gameforge banner last November, a mashup of an MMORPG and an RTS. Since the launch, it’s pushed out two updates, and now it’s onto its third, dubbed Grave of Time after the game’s latest raid; it’s an 8-person dungeon crawl aimed at level 30 players who’ve beaten Scouraged Mountain. The update also includes new mounts and gear, improved reward drops, a balancing pass for underpowered units and hero abilities, and a new “dimensional test” mission too:

“Quests of higher difficulty are in store for players who accept them from Yuri in Accolade! Three units dive into 50 levels of fierce enemies that must be demolished — but be warned — once destroyed, units cannot be resurrected! But the challenge is worth it — for every five levels, players will receive a special reward once a day after the challenge is complete. Do you have the mettle to survive all 50 levels?”

Happily, the game is half off on Steam right now, and the game is running a free-to-play event starting today and running through February 24th.

We gave the game a long look in our Not So Massively column last December, finding its swap between RTS and MMO gameplay fun and its combat excellent – but the poor localization and polish were an irritant for sure.

Source: Press release

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This game looks and plays like it was released in 2003.


The rts part looked interesting. The mmo part extremely boring.
I really don’t like that combat style for a mmo, especially how it looked to have no danger or tactic to it… And then, switch to the rts part and it suddenly looked very fun.
I might burn some hours in this game, this weekend.


I tried it now. Amazing how they keep making such a shit games using that much effort. It has all the problems of asian games. Mindnumbingly shallow, annoying combat even for an asian game, pointless ridiculous chores as linear quest…and yet you command the lives of 100 soldiers in the big battles, and is called “commander”, in your high heels and bikini as you go yeeah huiii yip with every swing.

Enemies look cool but it is impossible to tell if they do anything to you and your soldiers, or if your soldiers do anything to them; if I help these soldiers by killing their enemies will they join the others and gain the advantage ? Who knows, it felt like nothing you did mattered.