Past Fate starts its open alpha on February 24 following Kickstarter cancelation

Past something, sure.

At long last, Past Fate is entering its open alpha testing on February 24th. “How is this possible?” you ask, before clarifying that the reason you’re asking is that you don’t remember what in the heck Past Fate is in the first place. And despite what you may be thinking, it is actually not a new title! It’s been with us for a while, but it’s most notable from having held a very modest Kickstarter for $15,000 that failed at less than $1000 raised.

Clearly, there is… well, let’s just say that awareness is a problem the game is having. So perhaps having an open alpha for the game will help attract more people in the first place. Or perhaps people just aren’t interested in what appears, at a glance, to be a rather ambitious open-world MMO set in a fantasy world. (You know, like they all are.) Take your pick, but you can still check out the limited open alpha on the 24th if you’re so inclined. It appears that you won’t need to pay money to access the alpha, so it’s open to anyone curious. There’s also a trailer down below, although there’s a new one promised before the alpha actually launches.

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Speaking of the footage, that is something nice.
And it also recalls me about Age of Conan – the video hooks my attention in a similar way: grim, mature fantasy world, noticeaby good artwork – and probably not a bland stories, too.

I’ll try to follow the title.. the title’s fate, heh.


I certainly respect the actual gameplay trailer rather than something full of cut scene type videos that have nothing to do with the gameplay and loud booming music trying to trick people into being excited about the game. They’re actually showing the real game here. Right off that gets me interested that they’re not trying to do the normal trailer manipulations.

I’m not that into alphas and testing but I’ll try to keep an eye out to see what this develops into. I’m going to have to get in there and play it to know if it’s good for me or not, but it’s a bit early in development for me to do so.


Gotta love that monk robe.