Netmarble’s Q4 2019 were up YOY as the company raked in $1.6B for the year and pushes west

Oh, hello there!

I’m gonna say a weird thing about Netmarble: It has the cleanest, most non-misleading investor report of any of the ones I’ve poked through all month. Heck, it’s even got a breakdown of its major titles and how much relative revenue they bring in.

Yes, the South Korean company’s fourth quarter 2019 financials popped up this week. Revenues were down 11% for the quarter (but chiefly because third quarter was unusually high), and up 13.3% year over year (compared to fourth quarter 2018). Across the entire year, the company pulled in $1.666B US in revenues, chiefly due to mobile and to increasing forays into western markets.

“As Netmarble continues to expand into the Western regions in Q4 2019, its slate of games has performed steadily in North American markets. Titles include MARVEL Contest of Champions (Kabam) (17% of revenue generated), Lineage 2: Revolution (13% of revenue generated), Cookie Jam (Jam City) (5% of revenue generated), THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR (5% of revenue generated), MARVEL Future Fight (4% of revenue generated), and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (Jam City) (4% of revenue generated). Global revenue share for Q4 2019 lists North America accounting for 30% of revenue generated, Europe with 11% of revenue generated, and other territories including Korea generating 59% of total company revenue. Korea‚Äôs Q4 2019 revenue share is 28% of revenue generated, overseas sales accounted for 72% ($342.3 million) of overall sales for the fourth quarter.”

Source: Investor site, press release
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